Northern experience that delivers.
No matter where you go.

Preparing cargo for the world’s most remote regions takes freight handling to a new level.

When you work with Valport, you get the benefit of years of Northern experience. In the North, things have to be done right the first time. The remote conditions simply don’t give you a second chance.

Independent workforce. We’re proud to have some of the best crew in the business. All our employees have independent union status. And many of them have been with us for decades. They know freight handling. Inside and out. Friendly, willing and hard-working, they’ve earned the trust of masters and mates worldwide.

Creative solutions for tough shipping challenges. It takes a well-oiled team to deliver creative solutions. At Valport, you have access to one of the deepest pools of talent in the industry. From plant dismantling and relocation to South America, to Arctic mine staging and preparation, we’ve consistently excelled in the face of relentless challenges.

Whether your cargo is going 60 kilometres upstream, or across the oceans, you can rest assured it will arrive in the right condition.


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