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Toromont Returns to Valleyfield for 2014 - Fabrication & Assembly - Monday, July 07, 2014 :: ENGLISH  

There are ample reasons to locate a Fabrication & Assembly Centre in a Port and Valport’s recent utilization is proving a great “value-add” for customers. “Many of the pieces of cargo entering the port arrive in multiple pieces” says Valport President, Frank Dunn, “the simplest request for use of the Fab centre is that of putting these pieces together - readying them for transport. We are delighted to have Toromont back this year as they work to ready conveyor equipment for shipment to Canada’s high Arctic and the Baffinland Iron Ore project”.

Fabrication usage has also seen the building of the antennae tower for the new World Trade Centre. Anyone wishing to utilize this facility is asked to contact Valport’s office directly.


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The above video clip was shot at Grise Fiord, one of the many communities serviced by Valport.