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World Trade Centre Antenna Arrives in Newark - Monday, November 26, 2012 :: ENGLISH  

Atlantic Salvor steams for staging destination - New York Harbour
1 World Trade Centre in Skyline – Antenna to be lifted in place through December 

With over a thousand bolts and as many welds Valport riggers and stevedores secured the nine World Trade Centre antenna tower components to the deck of a barge for its easterly journey from the Port of Valleyfield to a staging area in the Port of Newark, New Jersey.

As we reported in a previous news item the job was nothing really new or particularly large for a company that has moved some of the world's largest mining equipment, factories, steel and concrete components. Rather, it was the cargo itself - component parts for the replacement of New York's Twin Towers destroyed during the attacks of 9-11.

We're pleased to report that the 1500 mile journey was uneventful and the Atlantic Salvor made its delivery on November 26. It has been reported that the 458-foot tower will be erected through December making 1-WTC the tallest standing structures in the Western world. 

Antenna components reaching destination in New York - Rockefeller Centre

Artists concept of antenna tower in place at 1 WTC


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The above video clip was shot at Grise Fiord, one of the many communities serviced by Valport.