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Valport and the Port of Valleyfield pleased with Enhanced Intermodal Service from CSX - Friday, December 14, 2012 :: ENGLISH  

Valleyfield, QC: Valport, the management group that oversees activities in the Port of Valleyfield is pleased to announce the expansion of the CSX terminus only a few miles from the Port's operation.

With rail spurs entering the Port of Valleyfield, Valport has offered rail intermodal for several decades. Now with the expansion of a new terminal at Salaberry-de-Valleyfield by CSX, new transportation doors will open for Valport and the region.

Valport customers will see a significant improvement in handling container traffic in port. Short-sea operations were increased two years ago with an incremental build of seaway container traffic. With Valport being a marine consolidation point, more container movements can be managed through the Port onto rail and to points across Canada and the US. And conversely, Valport with its significant capacity to stage, containerize, crate and cross-dock cargoes, CSX’s improved service will open new opportunities for export trade. Further, this will help reduce transport truck traffic and the systemic problem of relieving the pressures on area road infrastructure.

The CSX terminal project also addresses environmental issues by reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Looking at transportation emissions by road at roughly 114g CO2e/t-km, rail and marine provide a great environmental alternative and Quebec will make headway on reducing the amount of air pollution in the region.  (Rail GHG emissions set at with 17.85g CO2e/t-km, whereas marine boasts the lowest transportation emissions at 11g CO2e/t-km).

Valport Maritime Services is the Port of Valleyfield management team providing support service including: logistics, stevedoring, marshalling, warehousing and staging of break bulk and bulk cargoes. The Port of Valleyfield is one of those rare gems when it comes to moving goods in and around Canada and the US. Canada’s largest “small” port.


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The above video clip was shot at Grise Fiord, one of the many communities serviced by Valport.