Canada’s Largest ‘Small’ Port.

It means something different to each one of our customers.

Industrial project managers see large port advantages with smaller port efficiency and flexibility. Decades of project management experience, preparing shipments for some of the most hostile environments on the planet–from the damp subtropics, arid deserts, to frigid Arctic climes, makes transcending challenges without incident rather routine for our highly trained independent work force.

Shipping companies see our exclusive intermodal advantages with links to the major road arteries, CN/CP/CSX Rail to air cargo facilities nearby making for efficient import/export business often removing time and costs from their shipping equation. An experienced crew, and some of the lowest stevedoring costs on the Seaway simply add to a customer’s productivity.

Distributors and manufacturers focus on the flexibility of our warehouses. Proximity to major markets. Management expertise, data tracking and receiving, not to mention easy access to the entire Eastern seaboard via ship, truck, air and rail.
While every client looks for something unique, they all share one thing in common. Valport gives them something that no other port can offer: the features of a large facility, with the bottom line sensibilities of a small one.
Valport… find out the advantages of Canada's Largest ‘Small’ Port.Contact us today.



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