Valport is the perfect command post for large projects. We can accommodate any kind of cargo. And we have decades of experience planning, managing, assisting and staging for remote locations worldwide.


Valport has been in the packaging and crating business since its inception which spells experience. Experience matters when preparing cargos destined for hostile environments such as the well below zero temperatures of the arctic or the near 100% humidity of the tropics. With one of Canada's largest packaging and crating facilities, chances are you'll be hard press to find our limits. Regardless, Valport is well equipped to prepare your goods so that they arrive at destination as you expect them.


This new facility includes the use of two overhead gantry cranes with a tandem lifting capacity of 50 tonnes (combined). There is ample power requirements as well as flow through doors with 24’ height access.  

Toromont back for 2014 to use the Valport Fabrication & Assembly Centre. There are few ports that you can find that have ready access to overhead cranes, industrial shore power and access to the docks only metres away. 

Valport welcomes Toromont to the Valport Fabrication & Assembly Centre to stage large equipment components destined for Baffinland Iron Ore Mine project located in Canada's high Arctic.

Valport's first customer for the Fabrication & Assembly Centre built the components that make up the vast antennae array atop the World Trade Centre in New York City.







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Valport EXPANDED Welcomes New Customers - Wednesday, May 08, 2019
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