Large port versatility.
Small port economics.

For final assembly, few ports can match Valport.

Our location is ideal. Our facilities are flexible and extensive. Our labour pool is deep and talented. Plus, the economics of a smaller port are hard to beat.

Valport's Fabrication & Assembly Centre - Customers using the Port have come to know the efficiency and convenience of having a fabrication centre. Whether our client's needs are to engineer and build from scratch or assemble pre-existing components to be readied for shipment (Inbound/outbound) having the lifting capability of 50 tonnes along with ample industrial power for welding and other fabrication machinery places the port ahead of others. Further, with 24’ high doors there is no need to work in the weather. Call our offices for a tour and let us demonstrate how all of our facilities work together to ensure a productive stay. Short and long term engagements considered.

159,500 m2 assembly area - Valport provides all the assembly area you could ever possibly need. Five major indoor warehouses offer 15,000 m2 of space. A 37,000 m2 warehouse is located just a few kilometres off-site. There’s a paved lay-down area of 77,500 m2, along with another 30,000 m2 for staging and assembly.

Trade labour. With Valport you have a vast pool of talent at your disposal. We have long-standing relationships with local service providers and trade labourers—including fabricators, welders, sandblasters, millwrights, industrial electricians and more.

Lifts and conveyors. No matter what you’re assembling, Valport has the facilities to handle it. Our fleet of pay loaders, lift trucks and shunt trucks can move any type of cargo. Our conveyors can load up to 1,500 MT/H. And our shore cranes can lift up to 125 MT.

Security and office facilities. Valport provides 24/7/365 on-site security. Spacious, modern office facilities are also available for your management team—on a short or long term basis.


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Valport EXPANDED Welcomes New Customers - Wednesday, May 08, 2019
Demand for breakbulk, project, general and bulk cargo have Valport and the Port working to EXPAND their capacity.