Across the dock. Around the corner.
Or around the world.

Valport was built for fast, efficient cross-docking.

Our large platforms allow for easy truck loading. Our rail spur is just 200 metres from the dock. And everything is close to our main warehouse—which makes for easy cargo segregation, consolidation, storage and reloading.

As an intermodal transportation hub, Valport also offers some very unique advantages, including an independent workforce, exclusive direct U.S. rail access, and advanced computerized inventory control.

Independent workforce. We’re proud to have some of the best crew in the business. All our employees have independent union status. And many of them have been with us for decades. They know freight handling. Inside and out. Friendly, willing and hard-working, they’ve earned the trust of masters and mates worldwide.

Highways 40, 20/401 and Montreal bypass. Valport serves one of Canada’s largest commercial areas. There’s major highway access to Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. Plus, Highway 20 allows you to conveniently bypass downtown Montreal.

U.S. Route 132 and Interstate 87. For trucking goods to the U.S., Valport is ideal. We’re just three kilometres from the border. And wait times are minimal. In the U.S., Route 132 starts you quickly towards Interstate 87. Then the entire Eastern seaboard is at your disposal.

CN, CP and CSXT rail. Valport is directly linked to the CN and CP railways. For U.S. rail, we’re the only Canadian port with a direct link to the CSXT railway.

Mirabel and Montreal-Trudeau Airports. Valport is just a short drive to two international airports: Mirabel International (105 KM) and Montréal-Trudeau (55 KM).

Digital inventory control. Our digital inventory control system is second to none. It gives you access to real-time status information. Anytime. Anywhere. Our facilities are fully outfitted with digital cameras. Every item you ship is documented—both pre and post packaging. You get a hard copy and a digital manifest. So, no matter how you operate, it’s easy to stay on top of everything.


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