We can tackle any freight-handling challenge.
And a few you haven’t thought of yet.

Large projects require and extraordinary resources, knowledge and expertise. There’s no “cookie cutter” approach for something that hasn’t been done yet.

At Valport, we have decades of experience planning, managing and staging elaborate industrial projects. Our reputation in the North precedes us, as does our innovation and reliability.

Digital manifesting. An integral part of every project is our digital manifesting program. It gives you access real-time project status information. Anytime. Anywhere. Our facilities are fully outfitted with digital cameras. Every item you ship is documented—both pre and post packaging. You get a hard copy and a digital manifest. So, no matter how you operate, it’s easy to stay on top of everything.

It’s all right here. Valport is the perfect command post for complex, large-scale international projects. Our facilities and services include:

  • On-site security
  • Marshalling and consolidation
  • Export packing and crating
  • Receiving and inspection via rail, truck and sea
  • Heavy lifting capacity (100+ MT)
  • Rigging and assembly Container stuffing and procurement
  • Long-term storage (interior – 15,000+ m2 • exterior – 77,000+ m2)

Trade labour. With Valport you have a large pool talent at your disposal. We have long-standing relationships with local service providers and trade labourers—including fabricators, welders, sandblasters, millwrights, industrial electricians and more.


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Valport EXPANDED Welcomes New Customers - Wednesday, May 08, 2019
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