Leave the details in our hands.
We’ll take the worry out of yours.

With project staging, there’s no such thing as a “small” detail.

Missing even a minor component can cause a major catastrophe. Ships sit idle, costing thousands of dollars a day. Crews sit idle, costing even more. Lost production can mount into the millions. And on it goes.

Unmatched staging expertise. We pride ourselves on providing unmatched staging expertise. We’ve handled projects in the North for over 20 years, and staged for remote locations worldwide. We thrive where conditions don’t give you a second chance. All tolled, our versatility and experience has made us one of the most trusted Arctic staging ports in the world.

360º detail. Our crew pays relentless attention to detail—from every angle. Nowhere is this more important than in receiving. Your cargo might be arriving on a desolate beach. Local infrastructure may consist of muddy roads. No staging component should be overlooked. And every contingency needs to be considered. At Valport, we work closely with you and our shipping partners to avoid unforeseen obstacles, maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

82,000 m2 staging area. Valport can accommodate any staging requirement. Five major indoor warehouses offer 15,000 m2 of space. A 37,000 m2 warehouse is located just a few kilometres off-site. Plus, we also offer 30,000 m2 of outdoor staging area.

Security and office facilities. Valport provides 24/7/365 on-site security. Spacious, modern office facilities are also available for your management team—on a short or long term basis.


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