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What makes us different

What make us different

At the Port of Valleyfield we have nearly 20 acres of staging room. Almost 5 acres in warehouse storage. With cross-docking, a crating & packaging centre, a fabrication and assembly centre, dedicated customer marshalling areas, dedicated workforce, skilled trades and large lay-down. 

Choose Desgagnés Logistik Valport.

Location. Location. Location

Just 60 kilometres southwest of Montréal, Desagnés Logistik Valport serves one of Canada’s largest commercial areas. 

Intermodality plus

Desgagnés Logistik Valport offers unparalleled multimodal versatility. We have direct access to U.S. rail. We’re just three kilometres from the U.S. border. And we’re only 100 kilometres from two international airports. 


Managing everything from dry bulk to roll steel, our stevedoring services are second to none. For years we’ve delivered one of the Seaway’s lowest costs/MT. 

Independent workforce

 All our employees have independent union status. Which means zero downtime. 

Land based services

Desgagnés Logistik Valport offers an incredible range of land-based services. Our cross docking facilities have both rail and truck access. There are over 159,000 m2 of combined warehousing and staging areas. Complete crating, packing, marshalling and consolidation services are also available.

Unmatched staging expertise

We pride ourselves on providing unmatched staging expertise. We’ve handled projects in the North for over 20 years, and staged for remote destinations worldwide.